Brochure and Leaflets

Brand reading

An effective brochure will be an important tool for an organisation’s marketing.

They should be attractive and professional and at Naked Naartjie® we take great pride in creating innovative brochure designs.

The contents of a brochure can often involve large imagery or be heavy of text and charts so combining all of the different content elements into a coherent and visually attractive style for the reader is central to the design process at Naked Naartjie®. Our strong knowledge and extensive experience of both design and repro techniques for brochures which ensure we can find a way to make brochures work for your brand.

Leaflets are unbound booklets printed on either one or both sides and sometimes folded to form a simple piece of marketing collateral. They are generally printed on lighter weight thinner paper than brochures or other corporate literature. They will often be used as part of a wide scale marketing strategy such as a direct mail campaign or handed out in public places such as shopping area’s or at exhibition/promotional events.

Have a look at our print portfolio to see some of the examples of crafted brochures and leaflets we have developed for our clients in the past.

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