Annual Reports

Annual Reports that make brands come alive

An annual report can be quite lengthy and text heavy in content, including chairperson’s statements, directors reports, operating and financial reviews, account policies, balance sheets, cash flow statements and much more.

Consequently the design of an annual report becomes very important in how the information is presented and laid out over the pages to both accurately display the facts and text whilst not leading the reader to get bored and give up on the document.

At Naked Naartjie® we are experienced at crafting annual report documents in an engaging fashion for the reader in line with your companies branding and design style. To achieve this we undertake an involved process with our clients to develop the report with their input on the layout and structure whilst offering our knowledge and creative design skills to develop a persuasive piece of finish literature about your business.

We can also create an effective annual report in both printed form or additionally create an online version if needed if your business has stakeholders around the world. The final annual report document if in a printed format can be finished through a multitude of different techniques.

Have a look at our print portfolio to see some of the examples of excellent annual reports we have created for our clients in the past.

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