Content Is King
  1. Do I really need a website and what would it do for me?
    A website can reach millions of people that might not otherwise be available to you, 24 hours a days, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your website empowers your current customers and maximises marketing potential for future ones. No matter what type of business you are in, there are ways to grow and make money on the web for you.
  2. Does it really matter if my website looks dated, surely it’s the information that’s important?
    When you receive a visitor to your site, they will instantly perceive the quality of your services or products. The first impression a customer or potential customer gets depends on the appearance of your website. A visitor will be interested and explore your site if it is appealing, easy to navigate and offers useful information.
  3. My business is small and/or not computer related, what will a website do for me?
    This is a common misconception. Many people overlook the various products, services, or business processes they can include on a website. Any communication or interactions that happen within your business can be made easier and more efficient by the web.
  4.  What is an intranet and how can it help me streamline my company?
    An intranet is an internal website that is generally hosted within your companies private local area network (LAN). The intranet is usually a database driven website that has been developed to streamline internal services, customer management, product and stock systems etc. Intranets can vastly improve workforce productivity, they can help employees to quickly find and view information and applications relevant to their roles and responsibilities. Via a simple-to-use web browser interface, users can access data held in any database the organisation wants to make available, anytime and – subject to security provisions – from anywhere, increasing employees’ ability to perform their jobs faster, more accurately, and with confidence that they have the right information.
  5. Ok I’m convinced but where do I start and what is involved to get a website up and running?
    The four easy steps we provide below will guide you in the direction of a professionally designed, developed and marketed website. 1. Decide what your website will offer to users. Will it be a marketing tool to promote your company? Will it be a product/services catalogue? Will it be used to sell products direct to consumers? Clearly define its use and then plan its content. 2. Decide and choose an available domain name (Its always a good idea to use keywords in your domain name that either relate to your company or relate to services you provide. Search engines consider theses as part of their search ranking positions). 3. Create a very simple flow chart showing how you would like your pages to be displayed, the most important pages should be at the top of the chart with more detailed content further down, Naked Naartjie® can help you with this process. 4. Build and market of the site. Naked Naartjie® will involve you at various points of the build and suggest ways to market the site upon its completion.
  6. Do you register domain names?
    Yes, we can do this for you but we will always advice you to do this yourself through a reputable registrar. A domain name can turn into a valuable asset to your company. As such, we believe you should be in full control of it.
  7. Can you host/upload my website?
    We provide full hosting facilities. We recommend you host your website on our servers as they are optimised for the languages we use. We appreciate that some customer already have hosting contracts in place with their current providers and if required we will deploy them to the third party provider.
  8. Can you provide email accounts?
    Yes we can offer you professional POP3 email and webmail accounts that work seamlessly with your domain name. All accounts are virus scanned at the server level so your risk of catching a virus is greatly reduced.
  9. Can you build database driven and e-commerce websites?
    Yes, we have a highly trained team of web designers and programmers who can design and develop sites in a variety of languages. This kind of project can either be fairly simple or incredibly complicated. In order to produce an effective solution we will often arrange a meeting to discuss the required workflow, we then quote the project and produce a written proposal covering all functionality required in the project and a timeline for completion. Once agreed and development has begun we will provide beta testing at various stages to ensure the project meets client approval.
  10. 10. How much will my website cost?
    A website can cost as little as R3500 or as much as R500,000. We endeavor to be extremely competitive and we haven’t yet lost a job due to price.

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