Campaign FAQS

The Strategic Alignment of Multiple Assets
  1. How do I decide how to deploy my marketing communications budget?
    Naked Naartjie® can assist you in devising a holistic and comprehensive communications strategy that will deliver your communications to the correct audiences. In recent years, the media landscape has fragmented – which makes reaching audiences more difficult. A ‘shotgun approach’ no longer works, we are well-placed to help you with the key factors and cost-effectiveness of various alternatives.
  2. What does ‘media neutral’ mean?
    A criterion for judging whether an idea has innate potential in multiple channels. Also a criterion for judging whether channel choices are objectively-made.
  3. What is the modern meaning of ‘media’?
    It used to represent ‘advertising space’. Currently, it is also used in similar ways to ‘channels’.
  4. What is a live brand experience?
    A term used to describe a direct personal experience that a consumer has with a brand, such as at a promotional event, an exhibition, field-force sampling, product demonstration or even a temporary retail outlet.
  5. What are the components of a communications campaign strategy?
    It consists of several parts. Briefly, it includes the guiding ‘big’ idea, objectives, budget, the targeting of audiences, channel choices, integration and measurement.