Logo Design

The Face of Your Business

It’s not simply creating a symbol or an image.

For Naked Naartjie®, it is about getting closer to your business, your brand and your customers.

Naked Naartjie®’s Logo Design is a collaborative process which brings together your expertise and knowledge of your business with the considerable expertise and skills of our team. The result is a world-class and unique ideogram that encapsulates your corporate visual identity.

By thoroughly understanding (to the point where it becomes intuitive) how a brand looks, sounds and feels in literally any situation we are able to match brand expressions to customer behavior. This creates a real, lasting visual identity for your organisation.

Whether we use symbols, marques, devices, crests, avatars and/or typography, Naked Naartjie® takes great care in the little details of the design process. We design logos correctly so that they have the right design for application in multiple mediums – and fully internet compatible. We also create dynamic logos – which can be altered to suit the time or setting (for example the Google logo).

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