Expectation x Emotion = Brand

A brand is a set of functional as well as emotional benefits.

Naked Naartjie® delves deeply to ensure that your total brand is communicated to customers or clients. Your brand promise needs to deliver consistently at each point of customer contact – every single time.

As such, Naked Naartjie® views branding as a synergistic whole. We are brand custodians, immersing ourselves in your brand. We’ve built our track record on creating emotive and instantly recognisable brands for our clients (take a look at our branding portfolio). For more information on branding, have a look at our Branding FAQ’s.

Logo Design – developing new brand logos from scratch or refreshing existing logos
Visual Identity – a consistent set of guidelines which utilises brand name, logo, slogan and design scheme
Brand Management – Ongoing service and support to ensure the consistent deployment of visual brand identity

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