Fresh Fruit or Candied Peel…

The world started to change, it was no longer cold & hard with no soul – it was bursting with flavor & begging to have the old & conventional skin peeled away!

The year was 2009, South Africa was buzzing getting ready to Host the 2010 FIFA world cup. Barack Obama was inaugurated as President of the United States. James Cameron’s Avatar opened & the first Mandela Day was organized on Nelson Mandela’s 91st Birthday, July18, with calls for a global Mandela Day!
Naked Naartjie® was just a hint of flavor on the tip of the tongue of two creative professionals, Jasmin and Robert Wood, who had been dreaming of starting their own creative company since brainstorming logo and name ideas on a napkin in a coffee shop in the Heart of London.

Robert and Jasmin’s outlooks on design and creativity have been forged through their life and work experiences.
For Robert this includes two years spent backpacking around Europe & one year across South Africa with all his worldly possessions on his back. He then attended the Cross Media Training Centre which specialized in training for the printing industry and completed an apprenticeship at The Bureau’s repro department. After Jasmin completed her diploma in Graphic Design they both set off for the UK were they worked for publishing houses on a variety of magazine titles and design studios. Followed by: SA advertising agencies, in-house design studios and an in-house printing plant.

Jasmin, planning on taking the great leap towards growing the dream, took a deep breath and left her position as the sole creative for a major promotional gift & clothing manufacturer to start a graphic and web design agency with a difference: it would advocate the unique combination of personal attention, single minded focus with design and implementation expertise.

Robert, facing retrenchment from a Johannesburg based agency, decided to join forces with Jasmin to realize their dream of Naked Naartjie®. Once these 2 creatives started putting their heads together the world started to change, it was no longer cold & hard with no soul – it was bursting with flavor & begging to have the old & conventional skin peeled away!

Robert & Jasmin lay awake for hours trying to come up with the perfect name.

A name that would bring out both of their very different, but similar, personalities.

A name that would represent everything Jasmin & Robert so passionately stand for.

A name that would strip away at all human egos, prejudices and take you to the bare core that enable us to relate on equal honest grounds at a personal intimate level.

A name that would embrace their love for the environment and all that is good, natural and wholesome.

A name that would take them to where they are both firmly rooted.

A proudly South African name that bears only the Naked truth…

The Name was born… “Naked Naartjie®

The fledgling business started operations from the study in the family home until it was stable enough to make the jump to renovate and build an office. Still on the same property, the personality & intimacy of the business are as much a part of the family as the two Naked Naartjie® running around outside.